Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) The Netherlands Chapter


A - A qualified chartered accountant having a membership from the ICAI, India and residing in Continental Europe with a valid residence visa.
A - By filling online form on the website ( and after paying annual fees of Euro 100/- (Ex VAT@21%) European resident chartered accountant can become member of ICAI NL Chapter. ICAI NL will have a verification of submitted data and once completion of other procedural requirements he/she will become member of the ICAI NL Chapter.
A - ICAI NL Chapter charges annual membership fees to enable it to conduct its various activities. Currently the fees is Euro 100/- P.A. (Ex VAT @21%). The fees will be charged as per calendar year.
A - Yes, it is a prerequisite to hold membership at any Chapter of ICAI India.
A - The Netherlands Chapter of ICAI provides its members a platform at which they can interact with prominent people and build their own network in the region. Also, Chapter helps to gain further knowledge from the various seminars, meetings and workshops that are regularly organized by the Chapter.
A - The Netherlands Chapter does not provide placement service. However, by way of attending seminars & workshops organized by the Chapter any individual can come across opportunities available within the members group or their associates.

Members can also refer following website to know about the opportunities : 77ruE-16dxe0SBYA6cRBdYavgsx3Ou7xoCYIkQAvD_BwE

A -Netherlands Chapter’s members are not practicing in the country or within the Europe, so it is not possible to complete article-ship in Netherlands/Europe. Also Chartered accountants are not authorized by ICAI India to practice outside India except Dubai & Nepal.
A - It is essential to be a member of the Netherlands Chapter to participate in the activities of this Chapter. Committee will approach to individual member for assistance whenever it is required.
A - Yes, any Netherland Chapter’s member can do a presentation on relevant & important topics at the Netherlands Chapter of ICAI. The interested member need to approach to “Managing Committee” of Netherlands Chapter of ICAI with a draft/final presentation. If the topic is decided as being of interest and suitable to be presented to the members of the Netherlands Chapter of ICAI, the committee will advise accordingly to the presenter member.
A -Netherlands Chapter can facilitate in renewal of membership at India Chapter.
A -Currently, Netherlands Chapter is working closely with VRC and ICAI Headquarters to close the MOU between the 2 bodies so that CA as Brand could become stronger in the Netherlands and it could create more opportunities for CAs based in Netherlands.